Mandarina Tour

Plantations of Tangerines

Tangerines – Mandarina 


-Arrive at plantations 

-Meet the farmers, they will gave us some basic information how to gather tangerines then we will start work together 

-A delicious traditional lunch is provided; a table full of local products, whilst you enjoy a perfect view

-After lunch, time to learn more about tangerines, the seasons, soil,  geographic position, climate and perhaps some old stories 

-Time to leave the plantations and back to hotel


every day, Mon-Sunday

10:00 – 15:00

Tour includes:

-local guide (excellent English)

-food (tava of the day, byrek, homemade bread, fresh vegetable, white chees, petulla, jam)

-drinks (orange juice and water)

-2 kg of tangerines to take away

-lessons time

Basic information:

Tava: traditional dish made with fish, meat with vegetables or rise with chicken

Xara: a traditional unspoilt village, 4 km from National Park of Butrint


-report to your guide if you have an allergies

-Please bring a hat and comfortable shoes

We guarantee an authentic experience for everyone 

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Remember: the tour is seasonal, from October till the end of January