Mussel Tour




Local Experience with Local Guide 


– Meet your captain at the lake

– Introductions – Boat trip departs(Sanall)

– Reach mussels beds, where you meet our “Queen”, and learn about the mussel cultivation

– Depart the mussel beds and journey to the ancient city ruins of Butrint

– Time to taste two kinds of mussel dishes served with locally produced white wine in an idyllic setting

– Return to the port 


Tours run every day, Mon-Sunday

11:00 – 13:30

16:00 – 18:30


Tour includes:

-boat trip

-local guide

-food (two kinds of mussel dish, homemade bread, fresh vegetable)

-drinks (white wine and water)

Meeting point:

map location

Basic information:

Sanall: traditional hand made boat, a typical example of a vessel the mussel farmers use daily

Mussel beds: concrete structure where we cultivate mussel


-report to your guide if you are allergic to mussels so an alternative dish can be prepared, e.g. fresh fish

-take hats and sunglasses


-life jacket for every one on the boat

-each boats has firs aid kit

We offer an authentic experience for everyone 

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Remember: the tour is seasonal, from May till the end of September