Be a Farmer for One Day

We believe that what our land produces is the tastiest, that’s why we want you to enjoy the best, Our Local Products.

Agricultural cultivation in our region is developed and two of the most famous products are: Mussels,  cultivated in the lake of Butrint and Mandarins, cultivated in the land of tangerines, located on Konispol Municipality.


Mussels-Also called the Queen of Butrint lake. As They are the most important product that the lake have, every action that is done in the lake is done by “advising” it.

The mussel farming industry started in the 1960s, it has been a developed and well, organized industry. Butrint mussel was exported and characterized by it’s high quality.

Also in that period, the conservation of mussels started. They were used in the local market as well as for export.

Currently, the mussel is used as a consumer product and used as a tourist product. Through the experience of “Meet Our Queen“, an Unique experience where the tourists sails on traditional farmers’ boats, are involved in the mussel cultivation process and enjoy the authentic mussel dishes.


In the same area near the National Park of Butrint across the canal of Vivar, there are lands of Tangerines, fields and hills planted with mandarins.

The land of tangerines is located in the municipality of Konispoliand the villages that cultivate mandarines are: Vrina, Shëndëlli, Xarra, Mursi and Shkalla.

Mandarina cultivation is now also a tourist product, where tourists visit farms, get involved in fruit harvesting, learn how Mandarin is cultivated and enjoy lunch with traditional dishes cooked by the women of the area. Experience “Mandarin Farmers“.