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Sail to Emerald Islands

The Emerald islands of Ksamil are four small islands located in the district of Saranda in the south of Albania. The islands can be reached by swimming, canoeing, pedaling or by boat.

The islands are part of the Butrint National Park and a protected area which are administered by AKZM (National Agency of Protected Areas) through AdZM Vlorë (Administration of Protected Areas Vlorë).

The Ksamil Islands are known for their picturesque landscape surrounded by the crystal Clear waters of the Ionian Sea.

Sailing to the islands of Ksamil to swim, walk, dive, explore and enjoy the country’s food will sweeten your vacation days.

Sail to Tongo Island

The island of Tongo, Cape Stillo and Blue Pool are located in the most southern tip of Albania.

Navigation to these territories is made from Saranda, Ksamil and Butrint

Organized daily experiences are conducted such as sailing, fishing, diving through enjoying the most delicious local seafood.

Kep Merli, Pasqyra and Pulbardha beach

Kep Merli, Pasqyra beach and Pulbardha are located in the northern part of the Ksamil area.

Kep Merli is the first private tourist village, characterized by modern architecture in harmony with nature located in a natural bay.

In the same direction you will find Pulbardha beach and Pasqyra beach.

Sailing through those wild beaches guided by local captain which will give you real taste of freedom.