Sunset View

Be Romantic

The sunset in Ksamil is spectacular, with the presence of the islands the view becomes very romantic. You should enjoy it, on the seashore, through sailing or at the restaurant, accompanied by your girlfriend/ boyfriend, family or friends. Enjoy it! 

Sunset from the boat

The romantic way of enjoying the sunset is through sailing.  

Sunset Sailing experience enables such a romantic experience.

Contact with local captain for free dates.  

Sunset from the beach

Also, the most beautiful places where you can watch the sunset and enjoy your favorite food are:

Rilinda Restaurant , choose a table by the sea and enjoy the sun setting between the island of Sorkadhe and the islands Twins. 

Balcony of Xha’Jani hotel and restaurant, located on the hill from where you can see the islands and beaches of the Ksamil Bay.It is so beautiful that even the gods come down to it, enjoying the sunset through tasting the red wine of Isak Winery . 

Guvat Restaurant , the position of the restaurant, the attentive service combined with the superior taste of the country’s cuisine make the experience unique.


Sunset from your Room

Here are some of the most spectacular sunset view hotel rooms.

Most of hotels in Ksamil offer spectacular view, sunset view from their balconies.

Our suggestions.