Taste & Suggest

5 things that you should do when you are in Ksamil

  • Mussel Tour, sail and see how we cultivate mussel, taste them in our way
  • Visit Emerald islands, tak a boat or pedalo and start your slow journey, sail, swim, discover and dive or snukering
  • Butrint, visit ancient city and learn how people have lived here in ancient times
  • Boat trip to the most beautiful and untuched beach of Ksamil
  • Komunisem experience into tunels

5 restaurants that we suggest for you 

  • Hello Crepes, start your day with fresh juice and mix fruits wafles
  • Brother &Brother, ask for ‘Gjella’ plate with vegetable and meet, our basic cook on lunch time
  • Legisi, try mussel in steam, delicious!
  • Guvat, if you are looking for some elegant ingredients and good panorama, it is perfect for dates at the evening
  • Peta & Tava, start with peta me midhje and then try tava with kocopulla but return again and drink a beer with some koricka with salc kacupi and shrims


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