Travel to Ksamil

Travel to Ksamil from Tirana

If you arrive in Tirana through the National Airport “Mother Teresa”, to go to Ksamil you can rent a car, you can call a taxi to accompany you to Ksamil or to the bus station, to bus station of the South region, you will get buses of the Butrinti lines company with a capacity of up to 25 people. The drive from Tirana to Ksamil takes 4 hours with a stop for coffee or food. By bus, the journey takes 5 hours 30 minutes with a stop for coffee or food. After going to Sarandë, take the urban line Sarandë-Ksamil-Butrint to the bus station), where you will arrive in Ksamil in about 30 minutes. Choice, and greater when you are alternative with luggage taxi, the company is the one that cannot be used in electric taxis which are safe fast and with other prices for each destination. Choose green.

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Travel to Ksamil from Corfu

From Corfu to travel to Ksamil, first you need to take the ferry and sail to Saranda, the most appreciated company by tourists for service, possibility of booking is Finikas Lines. The cruise from Corfu to Saranda will take 30 minutes with the dolphin type ferry (fast) and 1 hour and 15 minutes with the ferry that also transports cars on it. Upon arrival in Sarandë, you have the choice to travel to Ksamil, by renting a car taking a green taxi or using the urban line Sarandë-Ksamil- Butrint, line which is located with its station near the port of Saranda.